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Have you tried the Insanity workout? It's an exercise program from the people who developed P90X. Alternatively, you can try skipping ropes at intensity intervals. Make sure that you get a heart monitor to track of your heart rate

Step into any gym or health club in the world and I can guarantee you a 80% chance that any given person in there is trying to achieve a fat burning workout.
But what is a fat burning workout?
What does one really look like and how do you know if you're really performing fat burning workouts or just killing time?
Here are 3 hallmarks of fat burning workouts:
1. They force your body to use all of its muscles.
Notice how I used the word "muscles" and said nothing about the word "cardio." See, that's the first mistake people all over the world are making - they center their workouts around cardio.
Cardio burns calories, but in most cases, it just burns calories while you're performing it. Not only that, but "cardio only" workouts tend to strip your body of its muscle.
There's that word again: Muscle.
What's the big deal about that?
Muscle is your "fat burning machinery." It's where fat is burned. Muscle is what causes your body to use energy, more energy. The more muscle you have on your body, the more energy your body will require and the more energy you will burn.
So, your fat burning workouts should be structured around training your muscles - resistance/strength training. And you should use large movements that require a lot of muscles to work at one time. These are exercises like squats, deadlifts, push-ups, rows, chin ups, etc.
2. They cause you to breathe really hard and make you sweat profusely.
Ok, I'm sorry if I offend you with what I'm about to say, but here it goes: Walking on the treadmill (while holding on) watching Oprah while simultaneously talking to your best friend on the next treadmill, is not a fat burning workout. It is, in fat loss terms, counterproductive and a waste of your time.
If you really want to burn fat, crank up the incline of the treadmill and the speed to just below the point where you absolutely have to run, and do that for 60 seconds. When the 60 seconds is up, slow the treadmill down and drop the incline back to normal (2.0 is normal).
What will happen is that you'll be out of breath. You'll start sweating. A lot. Now repeat that another four to nine times and then perform a five minute cool down. You will still be breathing hard and probably sweating profusely.
That's a fat burning workout.
3. They give you a nice "warm" feeling for several hours afterward.
Regardless of weather or not you choose to perform a workout like I mentioned in the first hallmark or the second, or a combination of the two (actually the best fat burning workout), you'll know you were successful if you are still sweating an hour or two later or feel warm all over. That is a sign that you elevated your metabolism.
Congratulations! Your body is in the process of burning fat! And this means you are on your way to achieving your fat loss goals.
If your fat burning workouts don't contain these three hallmarks, they're just not fat burning. Unless you're content in wasting your time, make the necessary changes so you can burn as much fat as possible in as little time as possible.
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